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Heal Your Gut - Change Your Life!


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How many 10 of 1000s have you spent over the years trying to feel better!

~A huge part of the equation lies in your digestive system, or gut! Your digestive system is everything from your mouth out the other end and more often than not, there is a big imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in your gut microbiome!

~80% of our immune function is in our gut and 90% of serotonin (your “happy” hormone) is created there. 

~The majority of your melatonin (your sleep hormone) is made in the gut. 


Your Health Is An Investment, Not An Expense

Have you ever wondered why:
~you crave sugar or carbs
~you are anxious and sad
~you don’t sleep well
~your skin isn’t clear
~your stomach is always in knots

~you can’t focus and have a foggy brain
~you struggle to lose weight
~you're achy and in pain
~you catch every cold that comes around 

~your labs are off and you are deficient in key nutrients
~you have autoimmune conditions and things just keep getting worse
~You have food sensitivities

Why when you go to the doctors everything measures out “just fine” but you sure don't feel that way?  

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Rebecca McCord explains!

Candida Overgrowth

Click this link to check out a little talk I did about our products and their connection to Candida fungus overgrowth in our gut and the issues that arise from that.



One thing I am so proud of regarding our company...the incredible scientists and doctors that help create our newest products. 

These doctors helped develop our latest products:

Dr. Andre Marette, Ph.D. - Education and current faculty at Laval University, Quebec, Canada. His focus is on Pathogenesis of inflammation, Type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease in obesity.

Dr. Lawrence Cheskin, MD, FACP, FTOS - current faculty at John Hopkins University and his focus is on obesity, gastroenterology, weight loss, healthy lifestyles, diet, and type 2 diabetes.

Dr. James Versalovic, MD, Ph.D - current faculty at Baylor College of Medicine. His focus is on the human microbiome with an emphasis on metagenomics of the human gastrointestinal tract.

Dr. Sarvenaz Zand, MD - currently practices in California. Her focus is Dermatology, specializing in skin cancer, holistic dermatology, and cosmetic enhancements with natural aesthetic. She is a board certified Dermatologist with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from John Hopkins University and a dual M.D. from Harvard medical school and MIT.